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Space simulation game that challenges the player to use the gravity of planets to travel. Featured twice on the App Store (Story 1 and Story 2).

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El Trackpad

App that transforms your iPhone or iPad into a full-featured Mac trackpad with gestures support. Check the webpage of El Trackpad and the 9to5Mac article about the app.

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Infinite running game in which the player rides floats through dangerous water slides.

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App that motivates users to complete tasks in the areas of health, productivity and fun.

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Swift as the Wind

Sailing game in which the user needs to guide a boat using only the wind.

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Amazing Maze

Game in which the player has to escape from a storm inside an infinite maze.

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Zip Zap

File manager for iOS with zip and unzip support.

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Other Projects

Not exaclty apps, but also great software.

Magic Aligner

Sketch plugin to align objects by their centers of mass. Magic Aligner automates optical adjustments in many cases. Check out the blog post I wrote about it.

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